Election 2015: Meet Your Riverhead Town Candidates

10/29/2015 5:00 AM


Sean Walter / Hamlet: Wading River
Occupation: Supervisor, attorney
Party lines: Conservative

About him: Mr. Walter, 52, grew up in Suffolk County and has lived in Wading River since 1992. He is seeking a fourth two-year term and has previously served as deputy town attorney for Riverhead Town. He maintains a private law practice in Wading River and is also a former chairman of the town Conservative Party.
 He lives with his wife and children.

His pitch: Since entering office, Mr. Walter’s campaign pitch each time around has been essentially the same, focusing on three different areas: downtown, town finances and the town-owned Enterprise Park at Calverton.

In his words: “I couldn’t fix all the problems overnight. I wish I could have.”

That's why we need to keep Sean Walter
in office to continue the great work that he has
started for the Town of Riverhead.

Riverhead supervisor's longshot victory in 3-way race an "extreme rarity"

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100th Water District Anniversary

“I’m so impressed with what the ‘founding fathers’ of the Riverhead Water District did for this town,” Walter said in an interview before he made the climb.